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HEP-Proizvodnja d.o.o.

Basic Data

HEP Proizvodnja produces electricity in 26 hydro power plants organized in three production areas (North, West, South), in the independent operative area of Dubrovnik HPP, and in 4 thermal power plants, while in 3 cogeneration plants it produces both electricity and heat. 

In addition to the above mentioned activities of electricity and heat production, HEP Proizvodnja provides system services relating to maintenance of power exchange frequency and load, participates in voltage profile maintenance services and in power supply restoration.

Total generation capacity
Run-of-river hydro power plant 403 MW
Storage hydro power plants 1 707 MW
Of which reversible pump turbine hydro plants 281 MW
Small hydro power plants 16.74 MW
Condensation thermal power plants (without Plomin d.o.o.) 881
Cogenerating plants 604 MW el 300 t/h steam/1242 MWt
Total installed capacity for electricity production 3 654 MWe
Total installed capacity for heat producion 300 t/h steam /1242 MWt

Average production in 2011 electricity district heat process steam
by HEP-owned plants 8.179,67 GWh 1.728 GWh 874.478 t
by TE Plomin d.o.o. 1.545 GWh    

In 2011, cogenerating plants produced a total of 1,728 GWh of heat energy or 101 percent of the total planned annual production. Compared to the year before, heat energy production was lower by 4 percent. Production of process steam amounted to 874,478 tons (102% of the planned) or 5 percent more than in the year before (828,942 t).

The availability of all power plants (without Dubrovnik 2 HPP and TE Plomin d.o.o.) was 97.7 percent


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