Package 4

Package 4

Professional Consulting Services
 Package 4.1. Consulting Services for the Introduction of ISO50001 (energy section):
  • Identification of energy use and significant use of energy
  • Implementation of energy analysis, establishment of consumption basis, defining energy performance
  • Setting energy savings targets
  • Development of Action Plans
  • Monitoring plan, measurement and analysis of energy performance
The service may include one or more of these items, depending on the size, activity, production process, documentation available, and other relevant parameters for determining the scope of work.
This service covers only a part of the preparation for the introduction of ISO 50001, which regards the energy section. The remaining part of preparations requires meeting other requirements prescribed by the standard.
Package 4.2. Professional Consultancy Services in the Preparation of Energy Efficiency Projects
The service may include one or several activities regarding the identification of potential EE measures, the proposal for measure implementation and project preparation depending on customer characteristics such as the existence of the potential for the implementation of EE measures at individual customer, technical and technological features, the project scope and the completion phase as well as investment and funding-related specificities.

NOTE for Package 4:
  • The customer can choose only one of two offered consulting packages
The customer is entitled to benefits from Package 4 after having complied with the conditions regarding the volume of annual electricity consumption, set in the Segmentation Table, and after cumulatively fulfilling the following conditions:
  • the customer has no outstanding balances towards HEP-Opskrba and HEP-ESCO,
  • the customer has concluded the Electricity Supply Contract with HEP-Opskrba,
  • the customer duly performs other contractual obligations towards HEP-Opskrba and HEP-ESCO,
  • the customer facilitates the HEP ESCO employees the provision of educational services by ensuring the cooperation of its workers and service providers as well as the access to dana, staff or customer premises, depending on the type of the service.

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