Package  2

Package 2

The establishment of remote electricity reading, introduction of ESCO Monitor® power management system and installation of the ESCO Monitor Panel.

The benefit from Package 2 commences as of the day of installing the measuring equipment and the ESCO Monitor® during the time period equal to the duration of the supply contract concluded with HEP Opskrba.
The customer is entitled to the benefit from Package 2 having met conditions pertaining the the volume of annual electricity consumption set in the Segmentation Table and after cumulatively fulfilling the following conditions:
  • the customer has no outstanding balances towards HEP-Opskrba and HEP-ESCO,
  • the customer has concluded the Electricity Supply Contract with HEP-Opskrba,
  • the customer duly performs other contractual obligations towards HEP-Opskrba and HEP-ESCO.

More detailed information on the benefit Programme and the Terms of Use available on e-mail:

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