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Frequently asked questions

HEP-Renewable Energy Sources Ltd., a daughter company of Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP Group), is specializing in research, development and preparation for implementing projects and use of renewable energy sources, in the name and for the interest of HEP Group.

HEP-Renewable Energy Sources Ltd. is a stakeholder on the energy market whose role as investor is to construct facilities that use renewable energy sources and as such competes on equal terms with other investors on the market.

HEP-Renewable Energy Sources Ltd. does not provide information or consulting services for the interested public, entrepreneurs or the investors.

The activities of HEP-Renewable Energy Sources Ltd. do not include:

  • buying/purchasing of electricity produced from renewable energy sources
    (Activities of organizing electricity and gas market and activities in system for incentivizing electricity production from renewable sources and cogeneration performs Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE) – www.hrote.hr),
  • issuing approvals, licenses and permits related to use renewable energy sources
    (Nor those for connection to the power system/grid; that is under the authority of other energy entities: Croatian Transmission System Operator Ltd. (HOPS) – www.hops.hr and HEP-Distribution System Operator Ltd. – www.hep.hr/ods),
  • providing information or consulting services for renewable energy sources
    (Useful information can be found on the website of The Ministry of the Economyhttp://oie.mingorp.hr/default.aspx?id=46).

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