HEP OIE d.o.o.

About us

HEP-Obnovljivi izvori energije d.o.o. (in English: HEP-Renewable Energy Sources Ltd) is a company of the HEP group. It is a company specialized in the organisation and business management of activities relating to the construction, management, operation and maintenance of facilities that utilise renewable energy sources for the production of electricity and heat. The goal is to achieve sustainable development and environmental protection goals defined by the HEP Group. The organisation and management of business activities relating to research, development and preparation for implementing renewable energy source projects is also conducted within the company itself.

The company HEP-Obnovljivi izvori energije d.o.o. is a stakeholder on the energy market whose role as investor is to construct facilities that utilise renewable energy sources and as such competes on equal terms with other investors on the market.


The application of all commercial technologies and active monitoring the latest technological achievements for the utilisation of renewable energy sources, along with continual development of its own potential and contributing to sustainable development and environmental protection.


To become the regional leader in the use of renewable energy sources by the application of commercially available technologies.


To be an internationally recognised company that basis its reputation and success on knowledge and corporate social responsibility.

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