Ownership Securities - Shares

Ownership Securities - Shares

HEP d.d. is a parent company of HEP Group in a 100% state ownership. It is a founder and a sole owner of its daughter companies.
HEP's equity is HRK 19,792,159,200.00 (nineteenbillionsevenhundredandninetymilliononehundredandfiftyninethousandtwohundred kuna). It is paid in full and divided among 10,995,64 regular bearer's shares, nominal value of each is HRK 1,800.00.
Shares have been issued as dematerialized and deposited in the Central Depository and Clearing Company Inc. under HEP-R-A ticker.

Share ticker: HEP - R - A
ISIN code: HRHEP0RA0006
Number of shares: 10,995,644
Nominal value: 1,800
Member of CDDD: 18 December 2002