Credit Rating

Credit Rating

Current HEP's Credit Rating

A credit rating is the opinion issued by Standard&Poor’s and Moody's credit rating agencies on credit solvency of Hrvatska elektroprivreda to repay its financial liabilities. In March 2017 Moody’s confirmed long-term Ba2 corporate rating and revised its outlook to stable. During October 2016 Standard & Poor's (S&P) Credit Rating Agency upgraded the stand-alone credit profile of Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP) from b+ to bb, as well as its overall corporate credit rating from BB- to BB, by which the latter reached Croatia's sovereign credit rating level. Standard & Poor's stated that at that moment HEP's credit rating could not exceed the sovereign rating. In September S&P revised its outlook on the Republic of Croatia to positive from stable, and it effected HEP’s rating as well. S&P revised its outlook on HEP to positive from stable.

Credit Rating Agency Issue date Rating
Standard & Poor's  26 September 2018 BB/Positive – SACP bb
Moody's 14 March 2017 Ba2/Stable outlook

Historical overview of HEP's credit rating

Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d. is the first Croatian company which had requested the assessment of its credit rating in 1997 by Standard&Poor’s and Moody’s credit rating agencies.
Standard&Poor’s has been conducting its standard annual credit rating review of HEP, while the relationship with Moody's was restored in 2011.