TEESCHOOLS - International Project Meeting - Zagreb

TEESCHOOLS - International Project Meeting - Zagreb

On December 12, 2017, an international working meeting of partners on the EU project TEESCHOOLS  was held.
The meeting starts with the welcome speech of HEP ESCO held by Sandra Magajne. 

According the mtg. agenda, the following topic were discussed:

  • Planning communication events (HEP ESCO with City of Split)
  • Various financial reporting issues
  • Procurement issues (City of Split)
  • Results of audits – financial data
  • Final questionnaire for all partners expected results
  • Expected deliverable contents and layout
  • Extension of the deadline (31.03.2018)
  • Extension of use resources and external costs
  • Analysis of the external expertise of the optimal financial model
  • Planning joint activities, events and trainings within WP2 and WP4
  • The LP will send the official email informing all partners of the extension of the deadline for deliverables 3.3.
  • HEP ESCO shall, if no progress is made before mid-January, meet with the City of Split Project Manager and send a joint letter of urgency to the state agency for procurement with the proposal for resolution.
  • HEP ESCO will send the final financial models questionnaire as soon as possible.

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