Strategic aims

Strategic aims

Optimization of business operations

Coordination of basic factors such as business strategy, business model, organization, business processes, human resources, information technology, management methods and the overall business system. It consists of four elements:
  • Optimization of business operations of HEP Group as a whole
  • Increase of business operations’ effectiveness
  • Introduction of new elements of control and new working methods into the main segments
  • Adaptation to the EU regulations

Development – investment cycle

Making long-term investment decisions on the construction of new generation capacities and the reconstruction of the existing ones. HEP has a series of potential projects in different phases of development, either on the existing or on new locations and with different technologies. Along with objective decision-making procedures and the structure of investment profitability, projects will be graded according to the criteria of feasibility and profitability with the priority of HEP’s interest.

Creating new products and services on the market

We will seek to maintain the dominant market share through new products in all segments, through using current experience and information from customers’ database and through the introduction of new services based on smart networks.

Regional step forward

Due to the loss of a part of domestic market, a need has arisen to make a stronger step forward onto other markets, primarily onto regional ones.